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Infant CPR Training ($30)

This class teaches people how to respond to life-threatening emergencies where CPR is necessary for Infants. Choking and clearing airway obstructions for both conscious and unconscious infants are also covered.

Infants are babies less than 1 year old.

Class Content:

  • Scene Safety
  • Obtaining Consent
  • Primary Assessment (conscious / breathing)
  • CPR Chest Compressions with Rescue Breaths
  • Choking (conscious and unconscious)
  • Scenario practice

Class Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

For On-Site Training at your locaiton: There is a 6 person minimum charge

Certificate: 2 years ($20 extra)

Who should take this class:
New or soon-to-be parents, family members, friends, baby sitters.

+ Children CPR ($10)

Children are 1 - 12 years old

Time: 30 minutes

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